3 Shirts You Must Wear for an Important Client Meeting (with 8 Examples)

Your clients need to feel that you care about them and they are important. Making the effort to dress appropriately for an important client meeting is an essential step toward making them feel they are in the safe hands of a professional.

For many professionals, simply wearing a black or grey suit would be sufficient, but today, many clients are of a generation that pays close attention to every aspect of your dress and so the shirt you wear is of significant importance.

It doesn't matter whether you are the CEO of a company or you have a relaxed dress code at your organization. When it comes to a client meeting, you should not appear sloppy. 

Before we get into the 3 shirts you must wear, let's discuss something about the condition of the shirts.

Ensure it is Clean and Neat: You may get the shirt design perfectly, but if the appearance of that shirt is unpleasant, it doesn't matter. Make sure the shirt you wear is washed clean, ironed, and smells fresh. Note, just because you washed the shirt a week ago is no guarantee it will smell fresh. If your wardrobe is stuffy, the shirt will reflect that.

Choose the Right Color: Colors do not just look nice, they speak to the client. While you sit or stand there, you are sending a subliminal message to your client. For that reason, you should always ensure the color you choose sends out the right message. At the same time, you need to ensure the color doesn't make you look like a clown. Consider the other clothes you are wearing. Does your shirt match the trouser? Is the tie a good blend with the shirt color?

Have the Right fit: You will not look professional if the shirt you are wearing is 3 sizes too big. Neither will you look smart if your body is fighting to break free of the shirt. A well-fitted shirt lightly hugs the body without any strain on the buttons. The perfect designs for professional shirts are either regular fit or exact fit. If your shirts are too big or too small, it is time to order the right size from Italian Crown.

Now, here are the 3 shirts you must wear for an important client meeting. 

1) Long Sleeve Plain Formal Shirt

This is the best type of shirt for an important client meeting. You can wear this when you need to be 100 percent formal. It can be worn with a suit or without the jacket but with a matching tie.

Plain shirts usually ensure that you are not distracting the attention of your client as they try to make out the design on the shirt.

Here are the best options for plain long-sleeved shirts.

(i) Branded Formal Favorite White Shirt

You do not need to consult a fashion designer to know how to dress up in a shirt like this. Just ensure it is fitting, clean, and fresh. A shirt like this will go with any color trousers and a silk tie. Considering it is a client meeting, if you decide to wear a suit, let it be grey, black or navy blue. You must have noticed that most business executives choose a white formal shirt. This is because it doesn't draw too much attention to itself but lets you assume the image of a professional who can be trusted.

white shirt for men

(ii) Elegant Light Grey Formal Wear Shirt

Are numbers the agenda of the meeting? Maybe you are an accountant or working for an investment company? A grey shirt like this one is the best alternative to a white shirt. A client is more likely to trust your audit report, budget, or anything to do with figures if you are wearing a grey shirt like this. You can add a bit of color to the outfit with a tie that matches the shirt or even a totally different color like sky blue, which is also considered the color of trust.

grey shirt for men

iii) Mehndi Colour Plain Soft Cotton Full Sleeve Shirt

There’s a new elegant color in the business world and it is Mehndi. You can win the trust of your client by dressing up sharp in a shirt like this. Many business executives would go for a black shirt to look elegant and mysterious but you can look exceptional and rich in this shirt. You may not even have to wear a tie, just throw on a fitting blazer and you will be good to go. If you are in the creative business, you will love this shirt because something about it says “you are creative.”

green shirt for men

2) Formal Striped Shirt 

Strips break the monotony of the usually expected colors. A client meeting is formal, but there is no reason you cannot look trendy and stunning. There is also the visual illusion created by vertical stripes which make a person look taller and lean. With stripes, you can pull off a casual smart look that maintains the seriousness of the meeting. Here are the top 3 striped shirts you must wear for an important client meeting.

(i) Delightful Black And White Vertical Striped Shirt

You do not need a tie when you wear this shirt. The right fit will look professional and respectful of your client. The strips add color to the outfit. It can be a casual smart look or serious formal attire when coupled with a blazer. Some professionals may insist on wearing a tie, but you need to ensure it doesn't fight for attention with the shirt. In this shirt, you can earn the respect of your client.

stripe shirt for men

(ii) Yellow & White Striped Regular Fit Shirt

Is your meeting to pitch a creative idea? Maybe you are an advertising executive? Or do you design websites? Well, whatever creative industry you are in, this shirt is a must-have when you meet the clients. The yellow relaxes the mind of your client and makes it easier for them to see the idea you are pitching. At the same time, it is smart and professional.

yellow shirt for men

3) Polo T-Shirt

Does this surprise you? Well, note that not every important business meeting is held in a boardroom. Sometimes your client would like you to join them at the golf course or on their Yacht. Also, casual Tuesday may coincide with your important client meeting and you do not want to be sloppy but you also want to be respectable. The polo shirt is the best compromise. Make sure though that the quality of the t-shirt is good. These are the best polo shirts you can wear for an important business meeting.

(i) White regular Fit Cotton Collar T-Shirt

White, because white is a business color. It is also neutral so you do not run the risk of wearing a color for a different brand that may be your competitor. Or worse, your client’s competitor. Even though this is a t-shirt, you will still have to tack it in and wear good office trousers and shoes.

polo tshirt for men

(ii) Plain blue regular Fit Cotton Collar T-Shirt

This is a deep color that can look smart for any occasion. The cotton fabric is comfortable and easy to manage. You could even have several of these for the company and add the logo to make it official company wear.

blue polo for men

(iii) Sky Blue regular Fit Cotton Collar T-Shirt

Have you ever questioned why Twitter and Facebook chose the color blue for their brand? It is about trust. Many people tend to trust blue brands. You can also earn the trust of your client by wearing a blue polo t-shirt and telling them what they need to hear to make a decision. This t-shirt can be worn to the country club, at the horse races, or any outdoor venue where you have the meeting. It is durable and easy to wash.

sky blue polo


Your shirt may not substitute a good pitch, but it can make your client more ready to listen and believe what you say. Image is important in business so choose your shirt carefully. These shirts are available at Italian Crown so waste no time in adding them to your wardrobe.

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