5 Best Combinations in Men’s Fashion

Clothing combinations can boost a man’s style. You no longer need to shop for already paired items. For example, you do not need a complete suit since you can just pair a blazer with the right trouser and end up looking even more debonair than a man in a tailored suit. It’s good news for the modern man who wants to have just the essentials in life but still look smashing. Even with just a few items in your wardrobe, you can look smart every time by simply understanding the right combinations.

In a fast-paced world, as you live in today, there is just not enough time to spend trying to pick out the right clothing. It is much easier to understand combinations so that picking out the right clothes becomes second nature. So let’s get on with the guide.

Color Combinations

The first stop is the combination of colors. It is one of the most important ones to understand. You may have heard a lot of talk about matching colors. Okay, forget all that because in fashion it is not about matching as much as it is about complimenting. Do not choose to wear all white, or all black just because you do not want to clash the colors. Monotony is just as bad as mismatched colors.

To select complimenting colors, fashion gurus like those at the Italian Crown study the color wheel to figure out which color hues go well together. Now obviously you don't have time for all that. So, here is what you should know, choose clothing according to the shades. If your trouser is a dark shade, you can then choose a lighter shade for the top. The best combination that never goes wrong is a white shirt with a dark trouser. This can be worn every day for any occasion. Even when you are heading to the beach, all you have to do is let the shirt hang loose and fold the sleeves.

black trouser

Separate Suit Combination 

Every man probably has a black suit in his wardrobe, but if you don't, no worries, there is a new trend of wearing separates. This means you have a blazer that you bought separately and then you have trousers as well that you bought separately. Right now, what is trendy in suit jackets is grey. Yes, grey is taken as more of an office color, but now with the right combination, it can be versatile. This grey blazer would look perfect with a pair of black trousers for a formal setting or it can be matched with maroon casual pants for a casual smart look. Now for the shirt, you can go for a darker color like black or navy blue. These are colors that complement the grey blazer and can match the trouser. You may come across several other combinations for separates but this is the best in the fashion world.

suit for men

Striped Shirt with White Trouser 

This combination is what many celebrities choose when on vacation. It is a relaxed look and yet remains elegant. This combination transcends age. It is a classy casual look that turns heads. But you need to have the right striped shirt for this one. Since your trouser is already white, there is no need to have a shirt with white stripes. You do better to go for something brown like this shirt here which will add contrast to your outfit. It also helps to make people take you more seriously. The combination is a good mix of dark and light colors.

Polo t-Shirt with Blazer 

This combination is a lifesaver, it's like having your cake and eating it. You have so much flexibility with these 2. A short-sleeve shirt, comfortable fabric, and a formal jacket to keep you prepared for any situation. Polo t-shirts also have a great reputation for not getting wrinkled easily. You can also get it ironed fast so if you are in a hurry to make it to an appointment, a polo shirt, pair of formal trousers and a blazer would be the perfect combination. It is also a great combination during hot weather since the t-shirt keeps you cool.

tshirt for men

Short Kurtas and Formal Trousers

Here is another flexible combination. Kurtas are flexible shirts that can either be formal or casual. When combined with formal trousers, you can put them on for a business meeting and still show up on the weekend in the same combination for a family get-together. You may just choose to have different shoes to complete the casual look. Every man should have a short kurta in his wardrobe or even more than one. They are classy and comfortable.

short kurta for men

Final Thought

Having a variety of separate clothing items can make you appear stylish all the time simply by switching the combinations you choose. But sometimes you want to be sure you are not making any mistakes and that is when any of these best 5 combinations in men’s fashion come to the rescue.

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