5 Best Ways To Dress for Work Monday to Friday

In 2020 offices shut down and with that, many of us lost touch with our sense of outdoor fashion. But it is 2022 and so much can change within 2 years. Many workplaces have taken into consideration that for some time, sweatpants were the daily wear to work. But, that cannot be the case when you have to return to the office. A bit of slack though has been provided by many organizations with the adoption of a casual smart dress policy.

Maybe you have had trouble figuring out what would be appropriate office wear in such times. Or you even need to go shopping for appropriate Monday to Friday wear. Well, here is a guide to your best attire for the workweek. Many of these men’s wear can be found at the Italian Crown.


You want to give the impression that you are all about work on a Monday. Yes the weekend was great and you have lots of stories to share with your colleagues, but you also need to show that you take your job seriously. Monday is probably a day when you will have to meet with your boss, or you are the boss and you are going to meet with several of your team members to strategize for the week. On such a day, a formal long-sleeved shirt, with well-pressed formal trousers is a must. You would also want to have a nice blazer. Ties may or may not be necessary. It may depend on where you work. For a banker, you probably need to have that tie on.

Remember not to go for a spectacular shirt with prints and designs. A plain shirt is most appropriate. White, blue, black, or even one like this can be great for a Monday.
shirt for men

For the trouser, black or gray would be most appropriate. However, the corporate world is also warming up to other solid colors like blue, brown, and maroon.


Most of the real work begins on Tuesday in many offices. It's the day you roll up your sleeves and start implementing what was agreed upon on Monday. Comfort rules supreme on this day but do not confuse comfort with sloppy. We still cannot create a convincing case for your sweatpants. So what can you wear? Comfort can be both psychological and physical. So, for your psychological comfort, choose your favorite shirt. This is hoping that your favorite shirt is a long or short sleeve shirt and not a t-shirt with funny cartoons. A striped shirt like this will be great, or one with prints like this one.

printed shirt for men

You can combine your favorite shirt with sensible trousers like chinos or khakis. Carry along a blazer just in case you may need to meet clients. The blazer may spend more time hanging on your chair than on you. It is simply a case of being prepared for unexpected formal situations that can happen on a Tuesday. For your physical comfort, consider the weather when choosing clothes. Cotton shirts can be good during hot days and your blazer can keep you warm if it is a chili day.


It's the middle of the week and most of your projects are either taking shape or you are in a panic because you do not know if you will meet that deadline. So, on a Wednesday, you are either excited about your performance or worried. You need to work all the same and something that gives you a sense of comfort will be appropriate. Well, the polo shirt was made for such days. Its versatility and practicality are amazing. Many companies have branded polo shirts. That is a sign that polo shirts, though being t-shirts and at times casual wear, are also acceptable office wear. It would be best if you do not leave it hanging. Wearing a Polo t-shirt is an opportunity to experiment with colors so choose one that inspires you to work or one that can psychologically influence the people around you. Lighter shades tend to make people happier and darker shades are more serious and formal. A pair of clean jeans can accompany the t-shirt, depending on your office policy about wearing jeans on a weekday. Otherwise, formal trousers would be best. This attire is also good if you will be running a lot of errands throughout the day.

polo t-shirt for men


So it’s that day when you can smell the weekend. But the weekend is not yet here and you may have a few meetings to attend as well as ends to tie up. Some companies even have a 4 day work week with Friday as a laid-back day to plan for the next week. A casual smart attire is what you should wear. A nice short or long-sleeved shirt with formal trousers or even a short kurta would be perfect. A kurta is made from light material that will keep you cool and it is not so tight so allows you to work easier. It is a sensible attire for work as well as play so if you have after-work activities with friends, you will still look appropriately dressed without having to run home to change.

short kurta for men


It's the last day of the workweek and many companies have a more relaxed dress code for Friday. However, do not go crazy with that. You still need to look like a sensible gentleman capable of handling whatever it is you are charged with. There is no harm in wearing t-shirts and jeans. Just make sure the t-shirt is presentable and stylish. If there is any clothing that you need to replace often it would be a t-shirt that you wear to work. You want it to be bright and presentable. So you may want to stock up on t-shirts for Friday. Here is a collection of the 5 best t-shirts you can wear on Friday to work.

White Italian Crown Printed Cotton T-Shirt

Olive Green California Printed T-Shirt

Stylish ark Pink Printed T-Shirt

Peach Color PERFECT Printed Round Neck T-Shirt

Black Color King Crown Printed T-Shirt

white t-shirt for men


A great deal of your work attire will be dictated by the office policy on dress. In some cases, you may be restricted to suits from Monday to Friday. Other companies may just care that you are at work and you are not naked. The above recommendations can help you distinguish yourself as being stylish and yet you do not have to spend so much time picking out outfits. Just have the recommended items in your wardrobe.

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