5 Shirts Every Leader Must Have

A Journal of Business research into the dressing of fortune 1000 leaders reveals an interesting insight into the perception of leaders. Based on the findings of that study, they created this list of 5 shirts every leader must have.

The research is long and we probably cannot share the whole of it here, but in a nutshell, it reveals that leaders who challenge fashion norms are perceived as more charismatic than those who stick to what would be considered business wear.

Okay, now that doesn't mean we should all trade in our business suits and head to wherever Mark Zuckerberg buys his grey t-shirts. In fact, the first shirt on this list would suggest something far from that. Let’s get started.

Best Selling Branded Formal Favorite White Shirt

white shirt for men

There will always be a formal occasion that a leader needs to attend. When that time comes, you must have an appropriate shirt. White formal shirts are the go-to attire for formal dressing. Put it on with your suit, or on its own, with or without a tie. This is not just for a leader, but every adult man should have this in his wardrobe. The great thing about it also, is that you can wear it as a casual shirt with a pair of jeans or chinos. The white formal shirt is versatile and ideal for that time when you would like to follow what everyone else in society is doing. 

Multicolor Combination Casual Full Sleeve Shirt

A multicolor shirt like this one shows an open mind with the ability to inspire. You are not oblivious of the fact that leaders should look presentable. This shirt is spectacular and allows you to stand out. It is so easy for your team to locate you in a crowd in case they need your input. The colors are royal and they would blend easily with any color of pants. On a day when you may need to appear more formal, this shirt can be complemented with a suit jacket or sports blazer. In this, any leader would be the envy of his peers and a source of inspiration to his team. 

Dearest Pink With White Color Mini Leaf Printed Shirt

pink shirt for men

Are you familiar with the saying “real men wear pink?” This is a color many men tend to shy away from because they think it is feminine. Several leaders these days, however, embrace what many do not have the boldness to embrace. Pink shirts are not just stylish. As a leader, you will come across as warm and approachable. This is a quality you should try to always portray. With this shirt, that is possible and more. Besides, pink is also the color chosen to show support for women with breast cancer. You will need this shirt every year around May.

Mustard Yellow Hope Print Half Sleeve T-Shirtyellow tshirt for men

If you are going to be casual, you need to provide some inspiration as well. A Hope t-shirt is exactly what you need. Even when you are going to give a pep talk to your team, it is best to wear this t-shirt. Remember research shows breaking away from the formal and expected dress cord can make you appear more charismatic. This t-shirt is also good for the leader who wants to be relaxed and comfortable. It is not sloppy, so you will still command respect. You can wear it with a leather jacket and jeans for an extra dash to your appearance.

Red, Black, Blue & White Flannel Plaid Shirt

checks shirt for men
This shirt helps you cut the relaxed but smart look. It is your go-to shirt when the invitation reads casual smart. The different patterns and colors make for an interesting outfit. You will not look boring in this shirt. Quite often, people will readily listen to someone in a shirt like this than one in a plain shirt. Leaders need to be listened to so wearing a shirt like this is just perfect. If you prefer, you can fold up the sleeves. That is a common style for influential people both in and out of the office.


A leader doesn't have to be trapped by the organization’s dress code. You can create your own style that suits what you represent. With these 5 shirts, you can portray any image you like. The Italian Crown will help you achieve the image you wish for.

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