5 Striped Shirts for Men Who like Patterns

When It comes to wearing shirts with patterns, the striped shirt is probably the most versatile and widely accepted as formal wear. But it depends on the shirt you choose. As you plan to purchase new shirts, this guide would help you have the right mix of striped shirts. Whether you wish to look taller, leaner, or even more buff, there is a shirt on this list to help you do that.

White With Sky-Blue Vertical Pinstripes

Let's start off with what you can wear on a Monday to work or for a business appointment. You will want a shirt like this which looks elegant and the prints are not fighting to be noticed. For many who will see you at a distance, you will look like you are wearing a white formal shirt, but when you get closer, they are pleasantly surprised to see the sky blue stripes. There is also something hypnotizing about sky blue. This color is warm and makes people trust you even more. You may not need to wear a tie when you are in this shirt, but if you decide to, the tie should be well chosen to blend with the strips or your trousers. This shirt can also be worn informally with jeans and it would still be appropriate for the occasion.

Delightful Black and White Long Sleeve Vertical Striped Shirt

Now, if you want to get away with not giving too much thought to what you choose to wear, this is a shirt you must have. You can put it on with any outfit in your wardrobe and be confident you are not clashing. Black and white is simply one of those combinations that never go wrong. The white stripes are a good touch because they add color to what could easily end up looking like a mourning shirt. You can also have people perceive you as being taller. This shirt is a great casual smart look. Feel free to pair it with any of your trousers and to reach for it when there is not enough time to plan what outfit to wear. Even though you get dressed in a hurry, you will still look smart in it.

Red and Blue Vertical Stripe White Shirt

This is elegant, trendy, and the kind of shirt you wear when you want to be noticed for the right reason. The red and blue stripes draw attention but also add to the beauty of the shirt. It is nothing outrageous and no one can argue about whether this is an awesome shirt. It can serve as a casual smart shirt as well as a casual shirt. For example, you can take it along on vacation and wear it with white cotton trousers. Alternatively, you can wear it to the office with any solid-colored trousers. The sleeves can be rolled up, or you could have it as a long-sleeved shirt. When combined with a blazer, you do not need a tie for a casual smart look.

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Iconic Navy Blue and White Horizontal Striped Shirt

Do you need to accentuate the results of all those hours in the gym? Or maybe you want a unique print for your shirt? Thin Horizontal strips are what you would add to your pattern shirt collection. The horizontal stripes can make you look bigger than you really are. Navy blue is also a truly iconic color. This outfit has something royal about it. Even as a casual shirt, it will give you an edge over all the other people around you. Even though you can wear it with a blazer, it is much better when you just let it have its moment of fame on its own. The trouser you choose can alter the statement you make in this shirt. But, when you look at this shirt, isn't it something you would like to wear?

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Pink Red and Grey Horizontal Stripes

Every man should have a short sleeve shirt whether he likes prints or not. Luckily for you who like prints, there is this wonderful horizontal stripe shirt. You will cut the picture of famous in this one. IT is also not just about the look. This is a shirt you can wear regardless of the weather. Cotton shirts are comfortable.


How about a shirt that combines stripes and flower prints. They are a growing trend but they already have a number of fans. This unique design can show your love for style and patterns on shirts. This Pista Green Line Flower Mandarin Collar Shirt is unique and stylish. You just have to try it out and obviously, you will love it. You can use it as part of your streetwear outfit or for a smart casual evening. 

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