5 Trendy Men's Shirts for IT Professionals

Okay, we get it, IT professionals tend to be more practical than fashionable. But look here, you are a professional and despite your office having a casual approach to dressing, that Starwars t-shirt is played out. It's time for you to look trendy in order to impress when you walk into the office. Who knows, maybe that hot girl you have a crush on will even say hello and compliment you.

These top 5 trendy men’s shirts for IT professionals take into account comfort as well as the fact that professionals need to look like adults while at the office.

Bollywood's Favorite Pink Red & Grey Horizontally Striped Shirt

Whether you are working in a chilled-out environment or the office policy says you need to inspire confidence in the customers, here is a trendy shirt for you. You cannot go wrong with this one. The short sleeves say, casual but the design of this shirt still maintains a look that announces professionalism. But it is not just that, this shirt is also very stylish. There is no better way to say it than to announce that “you will rock!” in this shirt. The combination of colored horizontal lines makes it stand out and do not be surprised if people just have a generally pleasant attitude towards you when you are in this shirt. You do not need a tie when you wear this shirt, but if you would like to throw on a blazer, that would be fine, especially for a formal setting.

shirt for men

Yellow & Black Paisley Print Shirt

printed shirt for men

This is a shirt for the IT professional who would like to stand out as smart and trendy. Paisley print shirts are fashion hot. The design is attractive and yet not too loud for an office setting. The material is light and comfortable so whether it is hot or cold, that will not be a problem for you. The great thing about this shirt is you can switch your appearance from office casual to vacation style by changing the trousers you wear with it. A formal pair of trousers will give you that office look while cargo pants can let you look like a professional on vacation. With this idea, you can create two looks with just this one purchase.

Branded Formal Favorite White Shirt

white shirt for men

Not every day will you be dealing with technical issues, some days you may need to sit down with the executives. For a meeting like that, a white formal shirt would be appropriate. White is a neutral color that always looks smart. It is also easy to match with any color tie and trousers. Every professional should have one or two white shirts in their wardrobe. This particular one is made from cotton which is easy to wash and will not take long to get ironed. It might interest you to know that before the superhero t-shirts and polo shirts seemed like the uniform for Nerds, white shirts were the preferred attire for the IT professional. To this day, if you want to be taken seriously, a white shirt will do the job. 

Stylish Coffee Brown Striped Casual Shirt

striped shirt for men

Here is a great shirt for a man looking for something comfortable but still indicates you take your work seriously. Professionals who would like to be casual within the professional realm would appreciate this shirt. The design is appealing and the color is easy on the eye. For that day when you need to fold up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in the IT room, this shirt will be appropriate, and yet, if you later need to talk to a client, you will still cut the image of a respectable professional who knows how to choose clothes that impress. Depending on the day, you could wear it tucked into your trousers or let it hang free over them. It is easy to pair this shirt with any of your trousers so dressing up and looking trendy will not take up a lot of your time.

Delightful Black & Sky Blue Striped Shirt

white shirt for men

Did you know that what you wear can determine how your day goes? Take this black and sky blue striped shirt, for example, it is guaranteed to make people around you take a liking to you. If you have to leave the back office and deal with clients on the front end or attend a zoom meeting, this delightful shirt should be what you wear. Sky blue is known to psychologically make people calm. So, if you need to explain why someone is experiencing a certain problem, or explain to them why you cannot retrieve the data that went missing when the system crashed, wear this shirt. By the way, it is not just a passing trend, this shirt is timeless and will be just as smart and appropriate five years down the road.

Final Words

IT professionals are professionals like any other therefore you should invest in trendy clothing that will get people to take you seriously. Striped shirts are a good balance between formal and casual office wear. However, never leave out a perfect white formal shirt that every professional should have. But even if you do not need to go to the office, you may need to attend a video conference and that requires a trendy shirt. Any one of these top 5 would be great. Better yet, don't just get one, invest in all five and they will definitely pay off.

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