5 Types of Trousers to Uplift Your Style

Too many men today get it wrong when it comes to choosing trousers for whatever outfit they have. There is the lot that likes to wear jeans with everything, and the category that will feel safe wearing black trousers every day.

But you need to take on the trendy look to keep up with the times. The right trouser can add several points to your style. Master the following types of trousers and you will always look fabulous.


Although this type of trouser is often thought of as office wear or even kept for that special occasion, formal trousers can be worn in different settings. You just need to have the right shirt and shoes to set the tone.

A formal pair of trousers worn with a pair of white sneakers can be a casual smart outfit if you throw on a blazer. Or you can have a pair of brown leather shoes and a nice shirt for a formal look that remains stylish.

You can ensure that you are always looking sharp even when you are relaxed. You do not need a pair of jeans all the time. These formal trousers are what we would recommend for you.

Plain Blue Regular Fit Formal Trouser

Charcoal Gray Regular Fit Formal Trouser

Light Grey Formal Trouser

blue trouser for men

Bold Colored Trousers 

This world is so full of colors that there is no reason for you to limit your choice in men’s colors. The metrosexual male likes style and color plays a big part in enhancing style. Trousers with bold colors should be something you wear from time to time. They can be used as formal wear as well as casual grooming. Some men have forgotten all about jeans and started wearing trousers with bold colors instead. 

It may take a bit of heightened sense of color matching to get the right shirt for your bold-colored trousers, but if you have white, light blue, or patterned shirts, you will find it much easier to match them. Among the more common stylish bold colors are blue, maroon, and orange. We recommend these 3 bold colored trousers to enhance your style.

Stylish Plain Blue Trousers

Stylish Oyster Pink With Black Border

Pastel Green Trouser

pink trouser for men


Cotton trousers are probably the most practical trousers for the majority of men. They are lightweight, dry fast, and can be worn during any weather. But that isn't all. These trousers are also stylish. Many fashion designers choose to make some of their best designs from cotton. You can find cotton trousers in different fashions and wear them every time you want to make a statement. In fact, all the trousers on this list can also be found in cotton fabric. But certain designs stand out more than others. Here are the top recommendations for you.

Delightful Maroon Cotton Comfort Regular Trouser

Stylish Pattern White Cotton Trouser

Club Black Cotton Trousers

black trouser for men


These are versatile trousers that every stylish man should have. They come in a variety of colors so you can easily pair them with different outfits. Whatever occasion you need to be all styled up for, a pair of chinos would do the job. They can look great in a t-shirt for a relaxed stylish look, or your favorite dress shirt when you turn up for a formal dressy occasion. It is no big deal how old you are when it comes to dressing in chinos, they transcend age. You just need the right fit to look stylish and respectable. Another great thing about these trousers is how they blend with any pair of shoes. Do you want to wear sneakers and a t-shirt? Yes, the chino trouser will blend with it. You can even put on hiking boots and chinos. They are indeed a wonderful choice. Here are shopping options you may love.

Grey Casual Regular Fit Chinos

Maroon Men’s Chinos 

grey formal pant for men


It is not always nice and sunny. Some months are cold. But you do not stop trying to be stylish. So what do you do? You pull out a pair of stylish corduroy pants. Yes, this fabric has made a comeback in the men’s fashion world and you need to have a pair. The design is modern so that you do not look like grandpa or a refugee wearing hand-me-downs. You need a pair of stylish-fitting corduroy pants to show off your trendy side. These here would be just right. 

Coffee Brown Casual Corduroy Trousers 

corduroy trouser for men


Your trousers are an important part of your style. Even though your shirt gets noticed first, later attention shifts to the trouser and it can make or break the statement you are trying to make. Choose your trousers carefully and buy from tested fashion dealers like the Italian Crown. Follow our style advice and you will be among the stylish men around.

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