7 Best Style Guides for Polo T-shirts

When you speak of versatility in men’s wear, the polo t-shirt is one of those items that commonly gets mentioned. The presence of summer usually sees thousands of men add a few more of them to their wardrobe. If you do not have even one of these shirts in your collection, it is time you left your cave and start shopping for a few.

In this article, we shall give you the best advice on how to wear them, which ones would suit you best and we will also direct you on how to get the best polo t-shirts.

You must have already noticed that almost everywhere you go, there are a few or very many men wearing these t-shirts. Bollywood stars, tennis aces, cricket champions, and golfers are among the celebrities who make these shirts trendy. So are you ready to join the trend? Here is your prep for it.

Choose a Fitting Size

You may have a well-built body that you are happy to show off, but do not get fitting mixed up with tight. A Polo t-shirt is not like a round-neck t-shirt. You want it just to lightly sit on your body. The simplest test you can perform is to try and stick a finger through the sleeve. If it can fit easily, then you have a fitting t-shirt. The sleeve should also just be halfway between the elbows and the shoulder. Do not let it go past the elbow or ride up your armpits. 

Notice how this regular fit charming grey shirt sits on the body of this model, that is how you want your polo shirt to fit.

grey polo

Cotton is Best 

Several materials may be used to make Polo t-shirts. But when you have to consider durability, comfort, and style, you are better off choosing a cotton t-shirt. Cotton is a breathable fabric so on a hot day, you will feel cool in a shirt made from the fabric. Interestingly, it can also keep you reasonably warm on a rainy day. It also expands just enough for you to fit into the shirt as you put it on. When you find the right fit, a cotton t-shirt will hug you in just the right places so that it doesn't look like it is trying to restrain you. Instead, it will flatter your physique. The Italian Crown has a wide range of cotton Polo t-shirts just like this one.

black polo for men


Choose the Trouser According to the Occasion

Now we said Polo t-shirts are versatile. Well, that is only possible depending on the trouser you pair your t-shirt with. A pair of jeans will make you look casual, while formal trousers add formality to your look and create a casual smart look especially if you have the t-shirt tucked in. You can also pair them with shorts if you are going to the beach or for a sporting event. If you are going to work in an office that accepts casual smart attire, then a pair of trousers like this would be appropriate.

blue trouser for men

Pockets are for Decoration not Functionality

Many men have become used to the idea of keeping things in their pockets. Yes, you will find a few Polo t-shirts with pockets but do not use them as you would normal pockets. The beauty of your shirt will be altered. Well, okay, let’s make a compromise here. A small note with someone's number or just a few banknotes may do no harm. But, your mobile phone, coins you receive as change, or keys are just going to look terrible. These shirts are stretchy and weight added to the pocket will pull it down and bulge. That’s a look you want to avoid. To ensure there is no temptation, get a polo t-shirt without a pocket.

green polo for men


Live a bit- Embrace New Colors

You may have your favorite colors and whenever you buy clothes, you will stick to them. That's understandable but it would be great to explore more. With a polo t-shirt, you can do that without worrying too much about choosing the wrong color. T-shirts are a relaxed look and you cannot be confined to the ordinary black, white and blue, or whatever you always wear. Give dark pink a chance. Maybe many people associate pink with women, but this is a more manly shade of pink that will certainly look great on you. You will attract attention for the right reasons.

Keep it the Right Length 

Your sense of style can be questioned if you fail to choose the right length. The rule of thumb when you are wearing a polo t-shirt hanging is to let it sit halfway over your bum. Below your bum will make it look like a dress and too high up and you will look like you borrowed someone’s clothes. It is possible to have it adjusted by a tailor, or you could find the right size for you at Italian Crown.

Do not Wear Layers of Shirts

Polo t-shirts were not designed to be put on with other shirts inside. There is nothing stylish about another piece of clothing sticking out from under the t-shirt. If you are feeling cold, then wear a blazer on top of your shirt or you can find a sweater. It doesn't matter whether you are being casual or formal. Layers of shirts underneath your Polo t-shirt are just unacceptable. It will affect the entire look.

Okay, you have the entire list of the 7 best style guides for polo t-shirts. Now you must want a trustworthy online shop to purchase a couple of them. Our recommendation is the Italian Crown. The products here are quality and worth the money spent on them. Several men trust the Italian crown to provide them with the best trendy apparel. You can find more than just polo shirts. There is a wide selection of stylish clothing for the modern man. You can revamp your entire wardrobe here.

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