7 Trending Casual Shirts for This Season 

Dressing casual is more of a lifestyle than an occasion. Suits, ties and formal trousers have a place during certain occasions like work and weddings. However, most men would rather feel relaxed in casual clothing. The right casual shirt can let you show up to work in something comfortable but still trendy and presentable.

Office style in fact has shifted in many organizations to embrace trendy casual wear. So, you need to get yourself these trendy casual shirts for this season and look stylish.

Ethnic White Full/Half Sleeve Casual Printed Shirt

Ethnic prints are trendy this season. This one is rather simple and yet it will take you places. White is also a nice color that can keep you comfortable but also makes it easy to blend your top with what you wear at the bottom. This long sleeve shirt is not just casual, it can also be put on as a casual smart outfit with formal black trousers. You can also roll up the sleeves and wear them with a pair of shorts or fitting chinos. This shirt is proof that casual shouldn't be sloppy. Even when it is worn hanging, it remains presentable. Men of different ages can look trendy in it.
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Fancy Party Wear Casual Digital Printed Shirt
printed shirt for men

Throw on this shirt, a pair of your favorite jeans, and comfortable casual shoes and you will be ready to rock a party. This shirt is uniquely printed with a combination of colors that blend to form a casual look. It is relaxing to be in a shirt made from this light fabric. But just because it is called a fancy party shirt doesn't mean you can only wear it to a party. It can make appealing streetwear as well. When it comes to the office though, it may depend on your office policy. It is not your ordinary office wear unless HR is relaxed about how you dress. 

Holiday Wear Geometric Cotton Printed Shirt

Here is a modern holiday look. Geometric printed shirts are trendy and this color appeals to several men. You cannot quite put your finger on a single color, it is just the combination of colors in the print that creates a relaxing feel. The cotton fabric makes for easy care and even if a downpour comes from nowhere, you will have a shirt that will dry quickly after that and you can continue to have a great stylish day. You can easily wear this with dark colors or even bright ones and it will maintain a casual presentable look. 

fancy shirt for men

Long Sleeve Painting Printed Shirt

With a spectacular combination of blue and white prints accentuated by gold and a bit of black, this shirt will make you the envy of so many. It stands out and yet doesn't call too much attention to itself. You can enjoy a casual smart occasion in this shirt and still wear it for a relaxed evening walk. It's one of those outfits every man can rely on when he doesn't have to be in a suit and tie but would like to maintain a presentable look. Wear it hanging or pushed into your trousers, it will do exactly what you want it to do for your fashion image.
cotton shirt for men

Summer Holiday Men's Multicolor Full Sleeve Shirt

Magnificent is probably one of the words that come to mind when you see this casual multi-color shirt. You can not find many shirts that combine several bright colors and yet do not make you look like a clown. This shirt is elegant and trendy. It is also the kind of shirt that will make you smile whenever you look at yourself in the mirror. Wear it with the full sleeves pulled up or down to regulate the level of casual that it depicts. You can also throw on a blazer in the evening and head off to dinner in a fancy restaurant or drinks at a club. You can even make an impression on your love interest when you wear this shirt on a date.


printed shirt for men

Regular Fit Plaid Shirt

No collection of casual shirts is complete without plaid shirts or two. This one is one of the trendy ones every guy should have in his wardrobe. Surely you do not need to be convinced to wear this shirt. Just looking at it should be enough to get you to consider it for different casual settings. Also, many offices see plaid design as office wear, even on a Monday. Of course, certain organizations may be more white or blue shirt oriented, but even those will allow a casual day when you can wear a shirt like this and not look out of place. It is casual but smart and trendy. Any of your trousers will go with it.

plaid shirt for men

Coffee Brown Regular Fit Digital Printed Shirt

Play a bit with unique colors like this one. Coffee brown has never looked this good and classy. This is the kind of shirt a movie star would buy without blinking. You too could look famous in this regular fit digital printed shirt. The only drawback would probably be having people stop you and compliment your style. The strips of white within the print make a fabulous contrast. Are you thinking of the places you can wear it? Well, stop thinking because the answer is anywhere. You just need the right trousers for the right occasion. This shirt will look great all the time. The short sleeves give you more breathing room for your hands and if you have a nice timepiece, that would be an opportunity to show it off.

coffee brown plaid shirt for men

Final Words

Do not forget that we live in a dynamic world and what was referred to as casual yesterday may take on a new form tomorrow. Casual shirts are much more than shirts you wear on the weekend. Many of these are just as good every day of the week. Get your combinations right and you will always look trendy and be comfortable. 

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