Best 5 Short Kurtas for Men

Short kurtas are a trending darling of the apparel world. Their comfort and flexibility make them appropriate for just about any function, especially during the summer. Even when you are working from home and you need something comfortable but also presentable for a conference call, the Kurta will be your go-to clothing.

They come in several designs and colors but you may not want to spend a long time looking for the best one. This guide will show you 5 of the best short kurtas available today so that you can choose what you like or even buy all 5 of them. 

Plain Sky Blue Short Kurta With White Collar

This kurta is very similar to a formal shirt only that you do not have the buttons that run up to down. It is extremely comfortable because of its breathable fabric, so you will not feel so restricted as you would in an ordinary shirt. However, when it comes to style and elegance, the kurta makes a strong statement. The sky blue color is eye-catching and the white-collar adds contrast to your look. This clothing can be put on for the office as well as for a relaxed casual occasion. That is the beauty of Kurtas. With the same cloth, you will look formal enough for a business meeting as well as relaxed enough for a picnic.

kurta for men

All Occasions Mustard Yellow Short Kurta 

The mustard color is appealing to both the person that sees you in it as well as when you look at yourself in the mirror. In this kurta with the Mandarin collar, you can feel confident that you are always making an impression. The long sleeves give elegance to the outfit, especially during formal occasions, but you can also choose to fold up the sleeves and look cooler, but in a blend of cultural and trendy. The buttons serve as an aesthetic complement to the outfit and you can choose to button them out or show a bit of chest hair, depending on the occasion. This material can be ironed fast and it will not wrinkle easily. Many Indian men would be envious of someone in this short kurta.

short kurta for men

Trendy Collection of Pista Green Full Sleeve Short Kurta 

It is amazing how a simple design can make all the difference. Instead of one color shade, this has a simple design in a different shade of green and that is what adds elegance to this trendy Kurta. Many men would be happy to receive this as a gift. It is important to get the right size so that it fits you perfectly as it does the models. The linen material can stretch a bit which means even if you get an exact fit, you do not need to worry about it tearing. This fabric is durable and it will withstand several washes without fading. Some men would wear this to a wedding with a cultural theme.

green short kurta for men

Stylish Black With Red Design SHort Kurta for Men

Somehow stylish seems like an understatement when it comes to defining this Kurta. This is the kind of clothing both a celebrity and a royal would wear. It just stands out and gives the wearer a look of debonair. You cannot quite put a price on that and yet this kurta comes at a pocket-friendly price. Although it is black, you can still put it on during summer. Couple it with formal white trousers or maroon fitting pants. There are plenty of options available since this color is universal. When you want to impress in a short kurta, this stylish one is the best option.

White Linen Half Sleeve Short Kurta

You cannot always wear full sleeves. Sometimes a half sleeve kurta is exactly what you need. This is the perfect design for such times. Look at the buttons, that's expertly designed to provide subtle elegance. This is the kind of kurta you can wear on a weekend both at home and when you go out. It feels free on your body and allows the air to get in there. If you intend to walk for long as you enjoy the outdoors, put on this short kurta. It can be paired with jeans, formal trousers, and any other pants you have. Even a pair of shorts would look great with this shirt.

white short kurta for men

Final Word

How many kurtas do you have so far? Those are certainly not enough. Pick any of these from the Italian Crown and add them to your wardrobe. Make a bold fashion statement whenever you have to in a short Kurta.

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