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Are you headed to a wedding? Or maybe it's a special date night? Or do you just want to define yourself as classy and fashionable? Well, whatever the case may be, the one piece of clothing that can fit all those occasions and more is the Nehru Jacket.

But you need to know how to wear it and what to combine with it to end up with the perfect look.

So many famous people have taken to wearing this timeless clothing. Even before Former India’s Prime Minister Nehru, made the jacket popular, it was already being worn in different parts of Asia including India. Popular rock band, the Beatles also took a liking to the jacket and would often be seen wearing it.

And now there’s you who is curious about the Nehru jacket and you want to know the best 5 ways to wear Nehru jackets. It all starts with identifying the different occasions that you can wear one and then getting the right jacket or combination to give you a look that suits the occasion.

But first, here is a short introduction to the popular types of Nehru jackets that you should consider owning.

Sleeveless Nehru Jacket

This one may be referred to more often as the Modi jacket. He has publicized this style and now every politician in India thinks they should have one. But maybe you are not the politician kind and you are thinking you do not want to look like Modi. Fair enough, but it doesn't have to be the exact type that he wears. You can get one in different bold colors. Take a look at this one for example.

nehru jacket for men

Floral Print Nehru Jacket

These come in several prints and for different occasions. For a wedding, there are shiny floral prints that are also common for formal cultural occasions. But, there is a trendy floral print that steps away from the norm. It can pass for casual smart, as well as formal. If you are not one to stick to tradition, this could make for a great option for you. This is what you should purchase. 

nehru jacket for men

Double Breasted Nehru Jacket 

Many men love these for formal occasions but they can also be worn as a casual smart accessory. You can also turn to these jackets if you have a bulging stomach and would like to camouflage it. You probably should wear it to a function where you believe you will be eating a lot. There are different designs for this jacket which include the common one with a collar like this one.


Or you may be more drawn to this one


Striped Nehru Jacket

Striped designs are a great style because they can complement a plain shirt or add color to any outfit. The contrast is not striking but enough to make an impression. This style is for younger men with the desire for a shift from the same designs their grandparents wear. Striped jackets are hip and classy at the same time. With the right combination, a Nehru Jacket like this can present you as a distinguished gentleman. 


Digital Print Nehru Jacket

Digital prints add character to your outfit. For the man who is not swayed toward floral designs, these jackets are a great alternative. They will be fine at a wedding, independence day party, Diwali as well as a business meeting. The prints can be of different colors and designs. Here is our favorite pick just for you. 


Now you know the different styles you can own and it is time to learn how to wear them. There are several combinations right from the traditional to modern classy look. With these five you cannot go wrong.

Nehru Jacket with Kurta Pyjama

This is the traditional combination. Whether you are the groom at the wedding or a guest, you can fit into the crown with an ordinary sleeveless Nehru jacket over a kurta. It can also be a formal look at a political gathering just like many politicians dress.

But, if you want to create something spectacular, try on a pink floral Nehru jacket. This is a bold way to wear the jacket with a traditional appeal. This jacket is available at the Italian crown. It would look exquisite draped on a black Kurta.

You can also wear it with a short Kurta. Sometimes you do not want to go all the way traditional, so a short Kurta can do just fine with the right trousers to match the occasion. A white Kurta is what would come to mind, but you can also consider other colors. If you are comfortable with pink floral, then mint green could be something you would like.

koti for men

Nehru Jacket with Chino Trousers

Chinos are a comfortable pair of men’s wear. Now, you can couple it with a sleeveless Nehru jacket and you will be certain to turn heads. It is not particularly a formal look, but depending on the jacket you choose, you can make it formal or casual smart. A double-breasted jacket will give you a formal look especially if the shirt you choose is formal. The thing about chino trousers is they never look sloppy. A distinguished gentleman can even throw on his favorite t-shirt and top it off with a Nehru jacket and he can still pass for smart, in a casual way. To create amazing contrast, choose a pair of grey chinos like these.

grey trouser for men

Formal Shirt with Nehru Jacket 

Not every formal or cultural event needs to be attended in kurtas. Pick out a slick formal shirt from Italian Crown and then throw on the smashing floral print or digital print Nehru jacket. You will be dressed to impress no doubt. It could be chinos, or dark formal trousers and a well-chosen pair of shoes. This is the formal look for the modern Indian man. But even if you are not Indian, this look is elegant and appropriate for you if you want to stand out for good reasons.

white shirt for menoff

Nehru Jacket with Formal Trouser

If you are going to wear a formal shirt, then it is only natural that you pair it up with formal trousers. You can then switch your Nehru jacket according to the occasion. To the office or an important meeting, you can wear a striped jacket and to a formal celebration, the digital printed jacket or double-breasted one can brighten up your look. Getting the right trouser though is important for a formal look. Dark office trousers would be perfect.

Casual Combination

Take a break from dressing to impress and just have a casual look. A relaxed afternoon with friends or a family visit can be the perfect opportunity to relax your look a bit. Yes, you can wear your favorite jeans, a polo shirt and a Nehru jacket on top. It doesn't have to be colorful or beautifully designed. A simple short sleeve jacket in your favorite color will be fine. It will also keep you warm in case the weather is a bit nippy. 

Final Word

You are now ready to be the proud owner of a few Nehru Jackets and you can rock in them. Do not limit yourself to just one jacket, get a collection of about 5 different styles and then follow the style advice provided here.

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